Feline Behavioral Health: House Soiling

Kitty has just taken pleasure in another tasty meal from his food meal. Inexplicably, he begins pawing at the floor around his dish, attempting to hide his leftovers. Litter Box Hub While it appears strange to you, it's flawlessly natural and a throwback to Kitty's wild beginnings.


Cat's Burrow

In the wild, a cat has some kind of burrow. Whether it's a popular tree or a little cave, it's somewhere that belongs just to him. Because this would certainly be place where he consumed his dishes, his food meal becomes his lair in the residence. PetSafe Scoopfree Aside from simply digging his paws around his food recipe, he might also attempt and hide points there. Have you ever before located a catnip mouse of sparkly ball floating in the water dish? This wasn't a mishap. Cat will certainly often "hide" his prized possessions in his food or water dish because it's the main center of his region.


Keep Away

If Feline were still in the wild, he would certainly need to worry about potential predators. In your home he has no killers, and he doesn't need to search for a kill. His impulses still stick around. When he intensely digs around his food dish, he's attempting to cover his dish. LitterRobot993 His food sitting around is a clear indicator to any type of potential killer that this is where Cat lives. Covering it up will certainly allow him to cover his tracks and keep himself secure.


Treatment It Up

Your fuzzy buddy may not stop at just aiming to dig on the flooring. LitterRobotguide43 He may grab a roaming towel or blanket and lay it on top of his food. You may believe he's trying to shield it for later, like finishing up the leftovers as well as sticking them in the refrigerator. Kitty doesn't think like that.


In the wild, cats do not come back to a dish they have actually kept for several days. Instead, this is still him trying to be tricky and not let predators know where he is. He's simply going the added mile if you're feline pal has actually taken the time to physically cover his food rather than simply pawing on the flooring.


Stopping the Actions

While the actions is harmless, maybe annoying if he tears up your carpeting or keeps pulling towels from the laundry. The most reliable way to quit the habits is to take his food dish far from him when he's done eating. If the bowl is gone, he will not have anything he needs to cover.


Just feed him enough for one meal at once. If you free-feed, leaving a food dish loaded with kibble out at all times, this will just motivate the habits. As soon as you discover kitty beginning the behavior, distract him. Tease him with his favored feather plaything or laser tip. litterboxhub882 Obtaining his mind on play as well as off of food will aid bring the habits to a halt.